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Between our Hillsborough and Chapel Hill Vaccine Clinics, UNC Medical Center provided more than 2,000 COVID-19 vaccines to date! We expect to receive a second shipment of vaccine this week that will allow us to provide a vaccine for everyone in Phase 1A.

As we begin week 2 of vaccinations, note that:

We continue to receive requests to add individuals and groups into Phase 1A:

* To ensure consistency, a team that includes representatives from the Ethics Committee and the Labor Pools at UNC Hospitals, UNC Faculty Physicians and the UNC School of Medicine reviews all requests. Our goal is to ensure everyone who is eligible and wants the vaccine receives it as quickly as possible.

* If you have not yet been notified for Phase 1A but believe you qualify by providing direct patient care, supporting patient care in any role, or working in an area that is at high-risk for contact with COVID-19, please contact your manager, who can escalate your request.

This graphic provides an overview of the steps required to get your shot once your Phase is identified.

Visit the Intranet and for the latest COVID-19 vaccine information.

Contact us at with any questions or if you are having issues with  CVMS.

Thank you to our incredible teams that are working to vaccinate everyone who wants a vaccine as quickly as possible – this is our shot!