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UNC Health held a town hall virtual meeting Thursday December 10, and it can be viewed in full on YouTube.

Here are the main speakers and the subjects they covered:

Dr. Matt Ewend, Chief Clinical Officer, UNC Health System

Opening remarks

Dr. Tony Lindsey, Chief Medical Officer, UNC Health System (3:24 – 7:19)

Overview of the Pandemic

Dr. David Wohl, Professor of Infectious Dis)ase – Explanation (7:45 – 11:00)

How the Covid-19 vaccines work

Dr. Cindy Gay, Associate Professor of Infectious Disease, Principle Investigator for the Moderna Vaccine Clinical Trial at UNC (11:17 – 18:30)
Clinical Trials of the Covid-19 vaccines: Speed of Development / Safety / Efficacy)

Dr. David Weber, Doctor of Infectious Diseases, UNC Health / SOM) (18:51 – 21:05)

FDA Review of the Pfizer Vaccine

Dr. Crystal Cene, Executive Director for Health Equity, UNC Health System (21:28 – 25:50)

Evaluating clinical trial data of the Pfizer vaccine in underrepresented populations

Q&A Session