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UNC School of Medicine HIV researchers J. Victor Garcia, PhD, and David Margolis, MD, published a high-profile paper in Nature in 2020 on HIV latency reversal, a discovery Nature dubbed as one of the 10 most remarkable discoveries from 2020.

In an article titled, “Viruses, microscopy and fast radio bursts: 10 remarkable discoveries from 2020,” Nature featured an important HIV latency reversal discovery led by UNC School of Medicine researchers J. Victor Garcia, PhD, director of the International Center for the Advancement of Translational Science and professor of medicine and microbiology & immunology, and David Margolis, director of the UNC HIV Cure Center, the Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor of Medicine, microbiology & immunology, and epidemiology. Both are members of the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Garcia was co-senior author with Richard Dunham, PhD, lead investigator at Qura Therapeutics, a partnership between UNC-Chapel Hill and ViiV Healthcare. The work was a collaboration with Emory University, whose scientists were lead authors of a companion paper in the same edition of Nature.

You can read the highlight from Nature titled, Latent HIV gets a shock, by Mathias Lichterfeld.

You can read the UNC School of Medicine press release about the research breakthrough here and the paper here. Both were published in January 2020.