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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Thursday February 11, 2021.

A coronavirus variant was detected for the first time inside a U.S. prison – Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein (New York Times)

After Covid-19 Vaccine, Baby Boomers Grapple With What Activities to Resume – Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead (Wall Street Journal)

Don’t delay 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose, urges UNC infectious disease expert – Dr. David Wohl (CBS 17)

Some Wake County high schoolers back to classroom for first time amid pandemic – Dr. Martha Perry (CBS 17)

Should you take pain relievers before or after getting COVID-19 vaccine? UNC doctor weighs in – Dr. Anita Skariah (CBS 17)

First monthly HIV drug treatment, developed by NC company, receives FDA approval – Dr. David Wohl (News & Observer)

How to avoid buying counterfeit N95 masks – Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett (Yahoo News)

Demystifying That Weird Popping Feeling & Sound During Pregnancy – Dr. Rachel Urrutia (Romper)

UNC doctor uses personal journey to work for change in medicine – Dr. Jasmine Johnson (CBS 17)

Eating Disorders Combine Secrecy and Compulsion – Dr. Cynthia Bulik (Canadian Free Press)

What the new double-mask guidance from the CDC really means – Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett (CBS 17)

COVID-19 vaccine questions: Effects of taking the shot, inoculation myths easily debunked – Dr. Cindy Gay (The Charlotte Post)

A side effect of masking, distancing for COVID-19: Where has the flu gone in NC? – Lauren DiBiase (CBS 17)

Report: Vaccine given out of priorities due to lax monitoring – Dr. David Wohl (Ashe Post & Times)

Making masks fit better can reduce coronavirus exposure by 96 percent – Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett (Science News)

Bill requiring NC schools to reopen during pandemic on fast track – Dr. Katie Jordan (WRAL)

Researchers say drug tested at UNC was found to effectively treat and prevent COVID-19 in mice – Dr. Victor Garcia (ABC 11)