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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Thursday February 4, 2021.

An oral drug tested at UNC could be used to prevent and treat COVID-19 infections – Drs. Victor Garcia, Angela Wahl & Ralph Baric (News & Observer)

Thanks to physical distancing, masks, doctors see fewer cases of a polio-like condition in children – Dr. Matthew Vogt (STAT)

Is any Super Bowl gathering safe? What if you’ve had the vaccine? Experts weigh in. – Dr. Alexa Mieses Malchuk (Chicago Tribune)

Demographic breakdown remains steady even as hospital numbers decline, figures show – Dr. David Wohl (CBS 17)

NC hospitals still trying to persuade front-line workers to get COVID-19 vaccine – Dr. Wesley Burks (News & Observer)

North Carolina Claims Prisoners Who Died of COVID Didn’t Die of COVID – Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein (VICE News | NC Health News)

Why new coronavirus variants emerge and what they mean to you – Dr. Ryan McNamara (PBS News Hour)

Pediatricians urge healthy habits to fight childhood obesity during COVID-19 pandemic – Dr. Kori Flower (ABC 11)

UNC doctor debunks several myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine – Dr. David Wohl (ABC 11)

How to avoid buying counterfeit N95 masks – Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett (USA Today)

Specific Genes in Placenta May Predict Size of Baby’s Brain and Risk for Schizophrenia – Dr. John Gilmore (Neuroscience News)

This Company Wants to Use CRISPR to Fix Your Wheat Allergy – Dr. Onyinye Iweala (Freethink)

Talk To Us: COVID Questions – Dr. Peyton Thompson (Blue Ridge Public Radio)

Durham-Based Startup Could Have New COVID-19 Treatment – Dr. Michael Knowles (Blue Ridge Public Radio)

Nasal spray touted as possible COVID-19 treatment game-changer but health experts urge caution – Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett (ABC 11)

North Carolinians can now get monthly shots to treat HIV – Dr. David Wohl (NC Health News)

With NC on brink of 10,000th COVID-19 death, expert looks toward April for significant improvement – Dr. David Wohl (CBS 17)