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UNC SOM Students Featured Speakers for the Feb. 4 Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Connecting with the Secretariat Webinar.

Matthew Fordham, MD-MBA Candidate, Class of 2022, Deanna Zhu, MD-PhD Candidate, Class of 2025, and Benjamin Keepers, MD-PhD Candidate, Class of 2024,  spoke at the request of the LCME secretariat on the UNC Independent Student Analysis which was done as part of the medical school’s preparation for the July 2020 LCME site visit.  The presentation,  which was made to a national audience, included ISA Steering Committee selection, survey design, structure, and deployment, data analysis, report preparation, faculty and student collaboration to address student concerns, and future directions.  Medical student  response to the ISA survey exceeded 90% for all four MD student classes.

The student voice is critical to the renewal of LCME accreditation and the ISA committee served to assess, and make recommendations as to how to improve the medical education program and student experience within the School of Medicine.

The ISA Steering Committee members were:

Danielle Ellis (co-chair), MD MTS

Benjamin Keepers (co-chair)

Andrew Alexander, MD

Joshua Onyango, MD Med

Demetra Schermerhorn, MD

Christopher McCauley, MD

Caroline Fryar

Christina Dorismond

Abigail Loszko

Matthew Fordham

Deanna Zhu

Seth Alexander

Gabrielle Nortey

Joshua Ewy