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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Thursday March 11, 2021.

UNC’s Dr. Wohl responds to progress: ‘We still have to be really careful’ – (WRAL)

UNC expert sounds warning about risky activities as travel surges for spring break – Dr. David Weber (CBS 17)

Should You Be Concerned About Blood Clots, Bleeding and the AZ-Vaccine? – Drs. Stephan Moll & David Wohl (New York Times)

Covid Outbreaks Devastated Prisons, but State Inmates’ Access to the Vaccine Varies Widely – Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein (DNYUZ)

Half dose of vaccine may be enough for COVID-19 recovered patients, UNC study says – Dr. Emily Ciccone (CBS 17)

Annual COVID-19 booster shots – Will they be needed to keep the virus at bay? – Dr. Myron Cohen (WNCT)

Moderna begins testing Covid vaccine in babies and young children. – Dr. David Wohl (New York Times)

Eight months since testing positive, COVID-19 ‘long-hauler’ describes the daily struggle – Dr. John Michael Baratta (ABC 11)

Can COVID-19 be treated with a pill? UNC, Duke scientists studying results of possible treatment – Dr. William Fischer (CBS 17)

North Carolina ramps up COVID-19 vaccine outreach before Group 4 becomes eligible Wednesday – Dr. David Wohl (ABC 11)

Clinicians may underreport adverse events in phase 1 trials – Dr. Ethan Basch (Healio)

Specialist helps ease fears over COVID-19 vaccine side effects – Dr. David Wohl (ABC 11)

COVID-19: Is NC moving too quickly toward normal? Two experts have different views – Dr. David Wohl (News & Observer)