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Please take time to read the following message from Drs. Wesley Burks and Cristy Page.

Dear SOM faculty,

We hear and feel the emotional strain the situation occurring at our University is causing for our faculty and staff in the School of Medicine. We know how difficult this has been for you both personally and professionally. Academic freedom is critical to the success of our work.

Leaders from your departments have shared with us the loss of strong candidates for positions throughout the School. This situation is a great test of resolve for our values and risk to our mission to foster and advance research and teaching for the people of North Carolina.

Thank you to those who have expressed their thoughts and opinions. This week our Department Chairs and Center Directors unanimously signed a letter to the Trustees. We also wrote to Chair Stevens directly to express our concerns and desire for an expeditious resolution.

Please know we are engaged in the ways we believe are most effective and will continue to advocate in the best interest of our staff, faculty and the University.


Wesley Burks                                                                     Cristy Page