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Friday, Oct. 22 is Employee Appreciation Day across UNC. In this message, Drs. Wesley Burks and Cristy Page share their thanks and gratitude for the dedicated staff of the UNC School of Medicine.

Dear Colleagues,

So much has changed since the pandemic began in March of last year. We have faced new challenges and learned new ways of working together. Through all of this, the dedicated staff of the UNC School of Medicine have remained focused, working each day to fulfill our mission through research, patient care, and teaching.

We want to acknowledge, thank, and celebrate each of you as a part of Employee Appreciation Day across UNC.

There are countless stories of your contributions over this last year. You have gone above and beyond supporting our research labs, continuing to advance our knowledge of COVID and resuming the science that was paused last year. You support our clinical operations and contribute to the Carolina Care we provide to all of our patients. Your work has helped to create a smooth transition for our learners as they returned to in person instruction. In so many ways, you are the backbone of our School of Medicine, working each day to ensure that all functions of our organization are running smoothly.

Together, we will continue to make an impact on scientific discovery, patient care, and educating our future health care providers and scientists. The grace and strength you have shown in the last 20 months has been remarkable. Thank you for all you do to support this work to benefit our State. We are so grateful and appreciative to each of you.


Wesley and Cristy