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Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery and the example you set for us all. Thank you for your service. Read messages from UNC Health Veteran teammates.

UNC Health Veteran teammates were asked to share what their service meant to them, and how it impacts their work at UNC Health. Here are a few of the responses:

“It was a dream come true to serve in the US Military. It was an Honor and privilege to be a part of the Airborne Infantry at Ft Bragg and later serve in 4th POG at Ft Bragg for 28 years. I served in Iraq/Afghanistan for several deployments.” – Greg Adkins, Nursing Assistant II, Med/Surg Inpatient 3 HBO H, Hillsborough Campus, UNC Hospitals

“Serving my country was an honor and an accomplishment. Working for UNC is another big accomplishment for me. I love what I do on 4 Oncology. Providing patient care is not only my calling its my passion as well.” – Anthony S Dillard Jr, Nursing Assistant I, 4 Oncology, NC Cancer Center Hospital

“When I was in the Army there were only four jobs for women. Nurse, Chaplains Assistant, Cook or Personnel. Women weren’t allowed on ships and weren’t allowed to fly. I was one of eight women in a Special Forces unit to 3,000 men. I was Airborne/Air Assault” –  Susan Holleman, Clinical Suppt Tech I, Rex Post Anesthesia Care West, UNC Rex Healthcare

“It is the overall aspect of having an opportunity to serve your country with dignity, integrity and honor. I certainly valued the experiences being in the military and developing a stronger foundation. There is no success without….sacrifice.” –  Johnny Jarrett Jr, Revenue Cycle Rep, Physician Ins Billing and Foll, Eastowne Office Park

“I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point as 2nd Lieutenant, US Army Infantry/Aviation and departed service as a Captain. I have a high regard for fellow veterans who have gone into battle for this country’s freedom.” – Brad Julian, Dir Environmental Services, Environmental Services, UNC Medical Center

“It was a tremendous privilege to care for our military and their families. Their willingness to lay their lives down for their country and fellowman is most humbling. At UNC Health I am still working with those who serve and care for each other.” – Joel Ray, VP Chief Nursing Officer, Rex VP Patient Care Svcs, UNC Rex Healthcare

“Serving in the U.S. Marine Corps was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and I have always been proud to have served. As a Veteran at Rex I cherish the bonds that I have formed with other Veterans, which make the organization feel like family.” – Aaron Seigh, Patient Services Mgr III, Rex 4 East/Pulm & Nephrology, UNC Rex Healthcare

“I loved being a soldier and now a Veteran. I am humbled at what I experienced in foreign countries; it made me appreciate the conveniences and freedoms I have in the United States. As the first and only US soldier in my family – I represent our values.” – Christina Valdez, Device Technician at NC Heart & Vascular Hospital, UNC Rex Healthcare

“Having an organization that recognizes employees for serving their country is fantastic. We served our country, now we serve our communities. It doesn’t get any better!!” – Maureen Vann, Physician Practice Nurse, Rex Digestive Health, Atrium Medical Center

“To me being a Veteran while working at UNC means a lot, I have a lot patients that are Veterans and I can relate to them on the hardships of the Military. It’s just great to serve my follow Vets and I think they enjoy seeing a fellow Vet taking care of them.” – Sandra Weaver, Medical Assist III, Certified, UNCPN Wakefield Family Practice, Wakefield Facility

“Serving in the US Navy, serving my country, and meeting so many wonderful people was such a great honor to me personally. I served with and have the pleasure of knowing many Veterans and am proud to share that title with so many courageous men and women.” – Cyndi Wolfe, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nursing 4th FL Telem., Caldwell Memorial Hospital