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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty during the past week, starting Friday December 3, 2021.

CBS 17 asked an expert your questions about COVID-19 – Dr. Melissa Miller (CBS17)

What does it mean that Omicron was designated a COVID ‘variant of concern? – Dr. Dirk Dittmer (WTVD)

‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’: Vaccination numbers across the world need to improve to beat COVID – Dr. David Wohl (CBS17)

Newborn screenings set to expand in N.C. – Dr. Cynthia Powell (Spectrum News)

The booster boom: What’s driving so many to get that extra shot of COVID-19 vaccine? – Dr. Erica Pettigrew (CBS17)

Why did the COVID numbers jump in N.C. last week? – Dr. David Wohl (Spectrum News)

Bringing the Hospital to You: UNC Health Offers New Hospital-at-Home Program – Dr. Meera Udayakumar (Chapelboro)

Hospitals fear being overrun with COVID-19 patients again – UNC Health (WRAL)

‘Science is happening at breakneck speed’ – Guidance for COVID, vaccines changing daily – Dr. David Wohl (CBS17)

UNC virologist: Don’t expect coronavirus case numbers to drop soon – Dr. Dirk Dittmer (WRAL)

‘A sure bet’: Yet another post-Thanksgiving surge in COVID-19 cases arrives in North Carolina – Dr. David Wohl (CBS17)

Scientists invent 3D printed vaccine you can administer yourself – Dr. Joseph M. DeSimone, Dr. Shaomin Tian (The Hill)

NC State professor says world needs to prepare for long battle against COVID – Dr. Erica Pettigrew (CBS17)

Pediatric constipation is common problem: Here’s how to deal with it – Dr. Monica Shukla-Udawatta (WRAL)

Top 4 questions about the omicron variant answered – Dr. David Wohl (CBS17)

A 3D printed vaccine is pain-free and can be self-administered, cutting down on hospital trips – Dr. Joseph M. DeSimone, Dr. Shaomin Tian (Markets Insider)

UNC Researchers to Study Impact of Social Interventions on Type 2 Diabetes – Dr. Seth Berkowitz (Healthcare Innovation)

Delta + omicron + holidays = more demand for vaccine booster shots in NC – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Everything you need to know about Omicron: Q&A with UNC infectious disease expert – Dr. David Wohl (North Carolina Health News)

Omicron variant found by NC lab, but not yet confirmed in NC residents – Dr. David Wohl (WRAL)

Raw COVID-19 case numbers in NC might not matter as much anymore. Here’s why – Dr. David Wohl (CBS17)