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Please review the latest guidelines on domestic and international business travel as well as masking and workplace gatherings as you plan your spring semester.

Please review the latest guidelines on domestic and international business travel as well as masking and workplace gatherings as you plan your spring semester.


The UNC School of Medicine is following UNC Health guidelines for in-person workplace gatherings:

  • Videoconferencing and teleconferencing are the safest methods for gatherings. When an in-person meeting is held, it should be done with adequate space for attendees with masking for all participants, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Limit beverage consumption and do not allow food during in-person meetings.
  • Provide hand hygiene options in the room when multiple participants will be gathering.
  • Provide disinfecting wipes to disinfect all surface upon entry and exit from the room.
  • If the gathering requires a hands-on activity in which teammates are within six feet of one another, ensure masking, limit the time in close proximity, perform hand hygiene and disinfect surfaces before and after the activity. If in UNC Health spaces, also enforce Universal Pandemic Precautions (wearing a mask + eye protection).
  • Employees on breaks should work to maintain distancing while eating and drinking.

Thank you for your patience and support in following these guidelines. We hope to return to more normal workplace gatherings soon but we will follow the data and share updated information and guidelines as the situation continues to evolve.

Additional guidelines for university events and gatherings can be found on the Carolina Together website. While events and gatherings at UNC-Chapel Hill are not limited or prohibited at this time, masks are required inside of UNC-Chapel Hill buildings and are encouraged outdoors.


It is more important than ever to wear a properly fitting face mask to protect yourself and others.

Masks are required at all times inside of buildings at UNC-Chapel Hill, and are encouraged outdoors.

Mask should:

  • Fit snugly and securely over the mouth and nose and against the side of the face
  • Be secured by ties or ear loops
  • Allow for unrestricted breathing


University-affiliated international travel currently continues to be prohibited. Exception requests have resumed and details can be found on the UNC Global Travel Policies and Exceptions website.

Individuals requesting an exception should complete the forms that are located on the UNC Global website, and:

  • Given the restrictive policy, please add sufficient detail, especially regarding how COVID risks will be mitigated.
  • Also, if the dates for travel are many months in the future, consider revisiting the website in the future to evaluate any international travel guidance changes.

In addition to filling out the forms, individuals will need approval from their immediate supervisor, department chair or center director.

For faculty and postdocs in the SOM, please submit the following information to Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Jennifer Wu.

  • Two travel documents: 1) Faculty and postdoc travel restriction exception request and approval & 2) COVID-19 assumption of risk and release of liability, both from the UNC Global website.
  • Documentation that the immediate supervisor, department chair or center director has approved the travel request.

Dr. Wu will evaluate the application. If approved, she will forward to Barbara Stephenson, vice provost for Global Affairs and chief global officer, who will communicate with the Provost’s Office and then contact Dr. Wu with a decision. Dr. Wu will reach out to the applicant with the decision.

Travel within the United States currently is not prohibited. Additional university-affiliated travel information can be found on the Carolina Together website.