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The Clinical Trials Unit in the UNC Children’s Research Institute is a site for a national study to assess the efficacy of Paxlovid, a pill to treat COVID in children under 18 at increased risk for severe illness.

The COVIDpill Study to assess the efficacy of Paxlovid, a pill for COVID, is now enrolling children ages 6 to 17 at increased risk of severe illness due to infection of SARS-CoV-2. The drug is authorized for use in adults at increased risk of severe disease. Participants must have tested positive for COVID and may be eligible if they show at least one sign/symptom of COVID-19:


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Chills or shivering


Muscle or body aches





Sore throat

Stuffy or runny nose

Children must be able to swallow tablets and must meet weight requirements. Also, children with at least one of the following characteristics or underlying medical conditions, which put them at risk for severe illness, may also be eligible:

Immunosuppressive disease (i.e. cancer treatment, HIV, autoimmune disorders)

Chronic lung, heart, or kidney disease

Sickle cell disease


Active cancer

Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

Neurodevelopmental disorder(i.e. cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome)

Overweight or obese

Current smoker

There are other requirements to participate in this study. A study team member will help determine if this study is right for your family. Please call the Clinical Trials Unit at 919-966-2333 for more information and to enroll.