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David Wohl, MD, and Billy Fischer, MD, published an op-ed in the News & Observer, The Charlotte Observer, and McClatchy subsidiaries on their work trying to gain a better understanding of COVID-19 through a largely observation study of thousands of volunteers in North Carolina.

“In May, the federal government will not renew the national public health emergency declarations that were first issued in 2020 when the rapid spread of COVID-19 required urgent mobilization of our healthcare systems. This significant milestone reflects the reduced lethality of COVID-19, thanks in large part to the swift roll-out of vaccines and therapeutics proven to be effective at preventing severe disease. When one compares the spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths our nation has experienced this winter with the surge suffered the winter before, it is clear we are in a different phase of this pandemic.

While our fear of COVID-19 is receding, our understanding of it is expanding.”

Read the entire op-ed at the Charlotte Observer website. And if you unfortunately contract COVID-19, consider joining the study, funded by the NC General Assembly through the NC Collaboratory.