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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday February 17, 2023.

Taking a moonshot at early colorectal cancer detection in northeastern NC – (NC Health News)

Scientists Discover New Protein Activity in Telomeres – Dr. Taghreed Al-Turki, Dr. Jack Griffith (Newswise)

Anorexia: Scientists Study Genetics Of Eating Disorder In Search Of New Therapies – Dr. Cynthia Bulik (Quick Telecast)

FDA considering making naloxone available over-the-counter – Dr. Michael Baca-Atlas (WRAL)

YOUR HEALTH: Shocking benefits of brain stimulation – Flavio Frohlich (WAFB-TV)

Dancing doctors give UNC Children’s a reason for ‘Celebration’ with latest music video – Dr. Stuart Gold (CBS17)

UNC Children’s Hospital Shares ‘Kool’ New Music Video to Celebrate New Year – Dr. Stuart Gold (Chapelboro)

The dancing doctors at UNC Children’s Hospital are back – Dr. Stuart Gold (WRAL)

NC COVID experts: We still have blind spots understanding the virus. You can help. | Opinion – Dr. David Wohl, Dr. Billy Fischer (The News & Observer)

Pediatric allergists struggle to meet growing patient demand – Dr. Edwin Kim (Healthcare Brew)

Former NCI director: Obesity-related cancers, ‘pandemic hangover’ are major challenges – Dr. Norman E. “Ned” Sharpless (Healio)

Fighting ‘rebound’ HIV: Researchers led by UNC uncover latent reservoirs of the virus – Dr. Ron Swanstrom (WRAL Tech Wire)

Coronavirus updates for Feb. 16: Here’s what to know in North Carolina this week –  Dr. John Baratta (The News & Observer)

Health Beat: Benefits of brain stimulation – Dr. Flavio Frohlich (WFMZ-TV)

Researchers Discover New Mechanism of Psychedelic Action in the Brain – Dr. Bryan Roth (Analytical Cannabis)

How hospice helps patients and families navigate end-of-life care – Dr. Margaret Drickamer (Washington Post)

How hospice helps patients and families navigate end-of-life care – Dr. Margaret Drickamer (Record Patriot)

Warm winter weather jumpstarts allergy season – Dr. Edwin Kim (WRAL)

Lack of Maternal Care Threatens Health of Western NC Mothers – Dr. Rachel Urrutia (Public News Service)

10 Years on, Stem Cell Transplant May Have Cured Patient of HIV – Dr. David Margolis (MedicineNet)

Ozempic can cause major weight loss. What happens if you stop taking it? – Dr. Janice Jin Hwang (Texarkana Gazette)

Extra Belly Fat at Midlife May Increase Risk of Disability Later in Life – Dr. John Batsis (Everyday Health)

Gilead Presents Positive Proof-of-Concept Data for Investigational Combination Regimen of Lenacapavir with Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies as a Potential Twice-Yearly Approach for the Treatment of HIV – Dr. Joseph Eron (

Brexanolone improves Post-Partum Depression by Inhibiting Systemic Inflammatory Pathways – Dr. A Leslie Morrow (Medical Dialogues)