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The below clickable headlines link directly to outside media outlets, which featured UNC School of Medicine faculty starting Friday March 3, 2023.

North Carolina poised to expand Medicaid – Dr. Lynne Fiscus (Modern Healthcare)

The Wild West Of Health Care – Dr. Cynthia Bulik (Bustle)

Some People on Ozempic Lose the Desire to Drink. Scientists Are Asking Why. – Dr. Christian Hendershot (ReachMD)

What Is the BRAT Diet? – Lana Nasrallah (U.S. News & World Report)

Allergy Desensitization: How We Can Phase Out ‘Peanut-Free’ Tables at School – Dr. Edwin Kim (Labroots)

Best Life: Treating mental health conditions through brain stimulation – Dr. Flavio Frohlich (WMC-TV)

There’s a teen mental health crisis: Here’s how to help your child – Dr. Samantha Pflum (WRAL)

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While You Are In Perimenopause? – Dr. Rachel Urrutia (

How hospice helps patients and families navigate end-of-life care – Dr. Margaret Drickamer (Washington Post)

Pandemic Stymies Physical Activity – Dr. Saira Sheikh (MedPage Today)

TBJ reveals 2023 Health Care Leadership Awards winners (Gallery) – Dr. Audrea Caesar, Dr. David Wohl, Jennifer Mack, and Dr. Meera Udayakumar

All the weirder side effects – Dr. Janice Jin Hwang (Breaking Latest News)

After years of waiting, North Carolina’s hospitals celebrate Medicaid expansion deal – Dr. Matt Ewend (The News & Observer)

REDUCE HUNGER, HELP NC FARMERS, Opinion Piece – Anna Dodson (News and Observer)

Americans now favor legal cannabis over legal tobacco – Dr. Adam Goldstein (The Hill)

No health insurance? A non-profit seeks to improve colon cancer screening – Dr. Lisa Gangarosa (NC Health News)

Blood sugar spikes, rapid heartbeats, diarrhoea: Learn 6 six effects of dropping Ozempic, the weight-loss ‘miracle’ drug – Dr. Janice Jin Hwang (The Economic Times)

Draft Calls for Folic Acid to Prevent Neural Tube Defects – Dr. Katrina Donahue (AAFP)