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Medical student Joshua Romero competed in an Ironman triathlon in Houston, Texas, on April 22 and raised more than $3,000 to support the UNC School of Medicine’s Student Health Action Coalition, a free student-run clinic available to the Chapel Hill community.

Joshua Romero is working toward earning his MD and JD at UNC-Chapel Hill. His dual degree path hasn’t slowed his energy, though. On April 22 he competed in an Ironman Triathlon in Houston, Texas, where he swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles.

Leading up to the competition, Romero launched a fundraiser for the UNC School of Medicine’s Student Health Action Coalition, a free clinic available to those who need care in the Chapel Hill area. He raised nearly $3,400 for the clinic.

“SHAC is an amazing organization that gives students the opportunity to comprehensively care for patients and give back to the community at such an early stage in their medical training,” Romero said. “SHAC has an open door and welcomes each patient with open arms. It ensures patients receive essential medications and prevents important diagnoses from flying under the radar.”

Romero is passionate about his work for SHAC, its mission of providing free services to the community, and its supportive network for volunteers. As part of his dual education in medicine and law, he hopes to weave in legal support options for patients as well through the Medical-Legal Partnership Program.

“Anyone can find ways to step forward and support a cause they care about,” Romero said. “SHAC’s brightest days are still ahead, and I am grateful to be on this journey supporting our patients alongside the many fabulous SHAC volunteers.”