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Nikolaos Mavrogiorgos, MD

June 25, 2020

UNC Hospitals incorporate tele-antimicrobial stewardship approaches

In March, Carolina Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (CASP) Medical Director, Nikolaos Mavrogiorgos knew everyone would have to adapt to new realities. That’s when he and CASP’s Pharmacy Lead, Lindsay Daniels, put their heads together with the CASP team see how they might adapt interventions to the times, with more physicians and pharmacists doing at least some of their work from home, and those in the hospital with infectious diseases expertise being tapped for the hospitals’ COVID-19 response.

June 25, 2020

Semi-Private Room Reintroduction

The utilization of semi-private beds (aka Shared Suites) were suspended on Med/Surg & Psych areas as an Infection Prevention measure on April 4. Rehab continued to utilize their shared suits with additional careful patient selection criteria without complication. It is important to maximize our capacity to patients who need our care and who may have delayed seeking care over the last several months. PPE supplies have improved and New Universal Precautions have been put into place and thus the careful and cautious reintroduction of shared suites has been implemented.

June 25, 2020

Customized Stent-Graft to Treat Aortic Aneurysms Saved the Life of Former UNC Professor Harvey Jeffries

Retired Professor in the UNC Gilling's School of Public Health, Harvey Jeffries, has received care from UNC since 2002. In 2009 he was diagnosed with a juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm, which was closely monitored until 2017 when his aneurysm reached a size requiring surgical intervention. He worked with Dr. Mark Farber, a leading UNC Vascular Surgeon, and his dedicated team of nurses and health care staff, who created a customized stent-graft to repair Harvey's aneurysm.