A message from Dr. Roper on legislation proposed April 10

Please read the following message from Dr. Bill Roper regarding legislation proposed Tuesday, April 10, by the House Select Committee on State Owned Assets.

Dear Colleagues,

UNC Health Care has worked with the House Select Committee on State Owned Assets since September 2011. The purpose of the Committee was to review the potential sale of various state-owned assets, including Rex Hospital.

Today (Tuesday, April 10), the House Select Committee met and, in the meeting, proposed legislation that would seriously hinder the long-term success of UNC Health Care. Although several members of the Committee objected to voting on a nine-page bill with only 15 minutes of review, this legislation moved forward. The Chair of the Committee reported that it passed by one vote.

We are deeply disappointed that the House Committee has put forward this legislation, and we intend to fight it vigorously.

The bill as it is written will do great damage to UNC Health Care. Specifically, this bill limits our growth opportunities for the future, mandates charity care levels in all counties of the state, requires government approval for our basic business transactions, and adds an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy to the UNC Health Care System.

Our question is simply this – what is the problem for which this is the solution?

We will continue to work with the House and the Senate to ensure that this proposed legislation does not become law.


William L. Roper, MD, MPH
Dean, UNC School of Medicine
CEO, UNC Health Care System

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