An update from Dr. Roper

Please read the following update from Dr. Roper regarding legislation proposed Tuesday, April 10, by the House Select Committee on State Owned Assets.

Dear Colleagues,

On Tuesday, April 10, I sent you an update regarding the proposed legislation by the House Select Committee on State Owned Assets in which I said that the legislation would seriously hinder the long-term success of the UNC Health Care System.

I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me and others to voice your support for the care and service we provide for our patients. Like you, I am proud of UNC Health Care and the quality and service we provide to the people of North Carolina.

You asked what you can do to show your support – I would ask you to tell people you know about the importance of UNC Health Care and our contributions to the State of North Carolina. For example, we:

  • Create value in the forms of quality health care, breakthrough science, and education for future health care providers
  • Help financially support the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Chapel Hill
  • Partner with state agencies to address North Carolina’s pressing health challenges including mental health and prisoner health care
  • Provide more than $300 million of uncompensated care each year to treat those unable to afford health care; and
  • Bring $5 billion of economic development to North Carolina every year

Our excellence is widely recognized and brings credit to the state and to your hard work. For example, we:

These are just a few of our achievements (you can see more here) that underscore UNC Health Care’s track record of success and our positive impact on North Carolina’s health, wellness and economy.

We know that the final meeting of the House Select Committee on State Owned Assets is Monday, April 23. Following that meeting I will let you know of any new developments.

For now, I want to thank each of you for your continued service to the people of North Carolina. UNC Health Care is stronger today thanks to your continued dedication.


William L. Roper, MD, MPH
Dean, UNC School of Medicine
CEO, UNC Health Care System

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