Epic@UNC Validation Session #1 recap

From March 25 – 28, more than 90 meetings were held at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill as part of our Epic@UNC Validation Session #1. Thanks to the more than 1,350 people across UNC Health Care who attended these meetings to help provide feedback on our planned Epic@UNC system.

Epic@UNC Validation Session #1 recap click to enlarge Subject Matter Experts vote at a Revenue Cycle meeting during Validation Session #1 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.
Epic@UNC Validation Session #1 recap click to enlarge Votes are cast during a clinical meeting during Validation Session #1.

During each Validation Session meeting, representatives from Epic presented specific workflows to a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across the UNC Health Care System. Following a period of discussion, SMEs then voted on each individual piece of the workflow with either a green (agree) or red (disagree) card.

“We are very happy that Validation Session #1 ran so smoothly and that we had good representation from all UNC Health Care entities,” said Jennifer Saha, Epic@UNC Project Director.

“As we gathered feedback during validation session #1, it was great to see that the majority of our SMEs agreed with the model system as presented by Epic and described in our Epic@UNC guiding principles,” Saha said. “We identified a number of issues to clarify and follow-up on with both Epic and SMEs, but we also found general agreement on many, many workflows across our entities.”

With the help of the Epic project team and consultants from Deloitte, our Epic@UNC Core Team and project leaders are now reviewing more than 2,900 evaluations received during Validation Session #1. The Core Team also is reviewing the hundreds of “parking lot topics” identified during the Validation Session meetings – these topics must be addressed/clarified before we can finalize plans for the final Epic@UNC system.

When the full report from Validation Session #1 is available, we will post it on our Epic@UNC Intranet site and distribute it widely.

Thanks to everyone from Rex, Chatham Hospital, UNC Medical Center, UNC Faculty Physicians and the UNC Physicians Network who attended meetings during Validation Session #1.

Remember that you can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.

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