Core Team completes Epic@UNC workflow build; Application testing begins Aug. 26

The Epic@UNC Core team completed the workflow build portion of the project on Friday, Aug. 16. We thank both the Core Team, which has worked incredibly hard to reach this milestone, and the many Subject Matter Experts who helped provide leadership and guidance as we built the structure and workflows of Epic@UNC!

Now that most of the structure of Epic@UNC is built, the next phase of the  project begins Monday, Aug. 26, when we begin to test each individual application and its workflows. During application testing, Core Team members, representatives from Epic and some UNC Health Care subject matter experts will test the build and basic workflows of each individual, isolated Epic@UNC application.

Application testing is scheduled to continue through Sept. 27, 2013. This testing verifies that each application we built is stable in an isolated state and and also ensures that we are ready to move forward and begin testing the applications as they interface with each other across Epic@UNC later this fall.

As a reminder, visit the Epic@UNC Intranet for a description of each Epic application we'll install as part of Epic@UNC.

To see the major milestones ahead as we move toward our first Go-Live on April 4, 2014, view this timeline.

Remember that you can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.


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