Joint Commission follow-up

Joint Commission surveyors completed our triennial full survey of UNC Hospitals, Home Health/Hospice, Outpatient Care Services, and behavioral health services on Friday, Dec. 13. We were surveyed against 275 standards and 1,683 elements of performance by 11 surveyors over five days, and they were very impressed with the knowledge and dedication of our staff.

The following message comes from Laura Harmon, UNC Hospitals' Director of Accreditation:

The surveyors interviewed several patients, and consistently heard that UNC Hospitals is their preferred health care provider. Patients and family members had only good things to share about us with the surveyors! 

Our break-out sessions with surveyors to discuss key topics such as Data Use and Medication Management were very well received. The surveyors also heard about remarkable examples of performance improvement and Six Sigma projects from staff members, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn from us. The surveyors encouraged leadership to submit information on several observed Best Practices to the Joint Commission extranet site to share with other hospitals.  

Joint Commission surveys for compliance with CMS regulations. The CMS citations we received were standard level deficiencies, which is the preferred outcome from a full Joint Commission survey. 

We will receive a final report of findings later this week, and work on corrective action plans began even while the survey was being conducted.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey for their responsiveness and tireless support during the week! Your contributions helped to assure the success of this survey!

Please view UNC Hospitals Accreditation Intranet site for more resources and information

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