2012 Nursing Annual Report on Nursing Web Monday, Feb 4

Watch the Nursing intranet and internet home pages for the 2012 Nursing Annual Report, which will be posted Monday, Feb. 4!

Do you know the family of nurses at UNC Hospitals who all have or currently work in pediatric nursing?

How about the member of our ED staff who introduced the idea for the BHED Unit at UNC Hospitals and why it originally came about?

Can you name the Nursing Assistant who completed the NA II program after many years of believing she would go no further in her career than her NA accomplishments?

These stories and more are in the 2012 Nursing Annual Report about our nursing department peers. Get to know them all. They inspire us and they will inspire you, too. Look for them Monday, Feb 4 on UNC Hospitals' Nursing Internet and Nursing Intranet home pages. Thanks!

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