Congrats to our Summer 2013 Plus People

Congrats to our Summer 2013 Plus People. These 13 colleagues were recognized for being among the very best at UNC Hospitals, UNC Faculty Physicians, and the UNC School of Medicine this Summer.

Congrats to our Summer 2013 Plus People!


Kate Bavin
Outpatient Oncology Infusion Center

Kate’s steadfast confidence, attention to detail, and calm demeanor put her colleagues at ease, making her an invaluable staff member as well as a comfort to patients. Her depth of knowledge and her vast skill base allow her to function as an exceptional role model and teacher for new Oncology Infusion nurses. Thank you, Kate!


Sabrina Boyd
5 West

Sabrina exemplifies teamwork, compassion and dedication. Her unmatched enthusiasm for her work ensures that patients, families and staff always have what they need. She is consistently amongst those to take on extra work, whether it be picking up an extra shift or participating in quality improvement projects that help make her unit a better place for employees and patients alike. Sabrina demonstrates excellence on a daily basis. Thank you, Sabrina!


Cameron Burleson
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

Shortly after beginning his work here, Cameron helped implement a new men’s therapy session, an adolescent program, and a family therapy initiative, all of which have significantly contributed to the quality of care patients receive each day. Cameron tirelessly volunteers extra time with troubling cases or to cover when the clinic is short staffed. His presence allows the program to better serve the community. Thank you, Cameron!


Melissa Friend
Department of Surgery

Melissa’s organization, efficiency and competency all ensure that each and every burn patient receives the best possible care. She is among the first to be called upon when assistance is needed with a patient or when the concerns of a family member need to be addressed. Patients routinely request her during their follow-up appointments, which shows the outstanding service she provides. Thank you, Melissa!


Laurie Gardner

Laurie is committed to the concept of partnering with patients and families. She helped form a Family Advisory Board in Psychiatry,  has fostered a strong relationship with the Patient Advocacy Group,  attended a three-day retreat in order to expand her understanding of diversity and facilitate collective change within the University; and has done all of this while still working closely with patients, ensuring that they have everything they need to thrive. Thank you, Laurie!


Jennifer Manning
Medicaid Eligibility Specialist

Jennifer consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that all patients get the financial and Medicaid assistance they deserve. She refuses to see a Medicaid denial as the end of the road and will work tirelessly in the pursuit of every possible avenue. In her ten years with UNC Hospitals, she has become a key member of the Medicaid Eligibility team, and her value is beyond measure. Thank you, Jennifer!


Sinery Martinez
Respiratory Care

When things gets busy and therapists cannot find the equipment they need, Sinery magically appears with the equipment and a smile on his face. His primary concern is that patients get the highest quality care, and he ensures that everyone in his department has what they need to make that happen. Thank you, Sinery!


Dr. Mallory McClester
Department of Family Medicine

Dr. McClester, a third-year resident, is “a breath of fresh air.” Her positive spirit, dedication to her patients, and desire to make her work mean something set her apart as an outstanding geriatric resident. As an intern, Dr. McClester showed strong leadership skills in her efforts to foster cooperation and internal balance between herself and her peers, and these skills eventually lead her to be chosen as Chief Resident. Mallory is truly a rising star!


Kathleen Roberts
6 Bedtower

Katy’s knowledge and expertise make her a vital asset not only to 6 Bedtower but to others across UNC Hospitals. During the prolonged construction in the unit, Katy never hesitated to assist staff during the upheavals it caused, even going so far as to stay late and re-arrange equipment and furniture. Katy is committed to improving the experience of every patient, and she holds herself and her peers to an incredibly high standard. Thank you, Katy!


Chris Rogers
Central Processing Department

Chris is always on task and goes above and beyond to get the job done.  is dedication, attention to detail, and dependability consistently prove him capable of greater responsibility. He is always willing to help those around, often volunteering time out of his day to train new employees or to cover extra shifts when necessary.  Thank you, Chris!


Kelly Rose
Learning and Organizational Development

Kelly consistently recognizes the efforts of those around her by sending e-high fives and emails to people she feels are doing excellent work. Kelly also goes above and beyond in her job by volunteering to take on extra responsibilities and projects all while furthering her education and bringing new knowledge back to her department. Thank you, Kelly!

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Lt. Jerry Sodon, Jr
UNC Hospitals’ Police

Lt. Sodon’s eight years with Hospitals Police are marked by motivation, dedication and professionalism. After the retirement of several senior staff members in recent months, Jerry immediately volunteered for a newly created position. In this role, he established a unique hiring process that allowed him not only to fill twenty new and existing positions but also to provide ample and excellent training to every new employee. Thank you, Jerry!


Kristina Williams
5 Women’s

When UNC Hospitals’ instituted the use of eMar as the new medication administration system, Kristina immediately volunteered as a super user. She had prior knowledge of the eMar system and was invaluable in its implementation. Not only did she work extra hours during the first few nights of eMar go-live, she also pulled together a list of maternity-specific problems with the system and solutions to those problems. Thank you, Kristina!

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