Lost & Found to launch new initiative with Patient Transportation

Soon you will begin seeing blue bags hanging from some of the patient transport gurneys. These bags will store patient property while we transport patients to procedures and during room transfers. The effort will help reduce patient property lost during transports.

Many times property is placed on the gurney with the patient and ends up missing when the patient arrives at his/her destination. These bags are designed to store patient property bags and smaller items such as dentures, phones, eyeglasses, etc.

Last fiscal year we paid out more than $32,000 in claims for lost patient property. Most of these losses were preventable. Help us work together to reduce this amount and increase our patient satisfaction levels.

If you would like to learn more about these patient transport bags or look into purchasing them for your area, contact Linda Hurysz, the Lost & Found manager, at 919-966-8117.


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