Clean In, Clean Out results: Month 1 results!

Overall results for October showed 83% hand hygiene compliance measured by >600 different observers across the hospital. We have work to do to in order to reach our organizational goal of 90% hand hygiene compliance! Please read for more info and our “Unit of the Month” and “Department of the Week.”

For the month of October, the “Unit of the Week”  goes to BICU, CICC, and 5EST, and the “Department of the Week” goes to OT/PT!  BICU, CICC, 5EST, and OT/PT all had hand hygiene compliance >90% in the month of October and exceptional participation of their staff in conducting observations. Great work!!

The Clean In, Clean Out campaign officially began Oct. 1. Please visit the hand hygiene website for details on how all employees who enter inpatient rooms can participate by making observations, graphing observed compliance, and providing immediate feedback to their co-workers. Please be sure that all observations conducted in November are submitted by Dec. 1 for inclusion in the monthly reports of compliance.


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