Register for Epic@UNC Training

Users at Epic@UNC Go-Live #1 and #2 locations can now register for their Epic@UNC Training classes in LMS.

Register for Epic@UNC Training using the following procedures:

  • Use the Epic@UNC Training Course Catalog (Intranet link) and refer to the Training Plan Quick Reference section (beginning on page 18) to find the best Training Plan for your role.
    • Class registration requires the selection of a Training Plan. You cannot register for an Epic@UNC Instructor-led class until you first register for a Training Plan in LMS.
    • The Training Plan includes an e-Learning bundle and the Instructor-led courses required for the Training Plan.
    • Read Only access does not require a training plan. Details available at this Intranet link.
  • Call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you need assistance in registering for training. 
  • To select your Epic@UNC Training Plan in LMS:
    • Login to LMS via Citrix
    • Select “Plan” from the LMS menu bar.
    • Select “Training Plans.”
    • Enter the name of your Training Plan in the search field and select your Training Plan by clicking on the target icon to the left of your plan.
    • Select and enroll in the e-Learning and classes for your Training Plan.
  • Select each course and register for a class.

Resources for Help

  • If you need assistance logging in to LMS, using LMS, or finding the correct Epic@UNC Training Plan, call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357.
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