Be prepared before attending Advanced Life Support Program classes

The Advanced Life Support Programs is experiencing an increase in the usual number of persons arriving for our classes without the American Heart Association required text, arriving late or not compliant with UNC Health Care dress code.

It is possible that it is taking staff some time to acquaint themselves with the new LMS and we believe they may not be reading the class requirements completely. Regardless of the reason, we have no flexibility with AHA rules and UNC Health Care policy and must turn students away who do not meet these requirements.

Please read the class descriptions completely when you enroll in an AHA class. Below are the requirements with which we have no flexibility:

  • Every student must attend 100% of class. Therefore we have to turn away anyone who arrives after class begins.
  • Every student must have the AHA required textbook for the class, prior to arriving to class.
  • UNC Health Care dress code applies: You may wear your usual work attire or business casual. No denim is allowed.