Required: 3 days left to complete HIPAA Final Rule Training!

Each employee is required to log in to the Learning Management System and complete this training program to learn more about the recent changes in the HIPAA Rules. The changes take effect on Sept. 23, and we expect all employees to complete this brief training program no later than Sept. 15. This training is required by the HIPAA Federal Rule. Managers will be notified of employees in their areas who have not taken the training.

Please take 5-10 minutes before the Sept. 15, 2013 deadline to complete the “Final HIPAA Rule Special Training” module on your entity’s LMS. If you have any questions about this or any other Privacy or Information Security Policy, please talk to your supervisor or contact the UNC Health Care Compliance Office at 919-966-9659.

The Final HIPAA Rule Special Training Program was developed by the UNC Health Care Privacy Office, in conjunction with each UNC Health Care System entity (UNC School of Medicine, UNC Faculty Physicians, UNC Physicians Network, Rex Healthcare, Chatham Hospital, High Point Regional, Caldwell, and Pardee).