Meaningful Use 2013 drawing to a close!

As we enter the last quarter of 2013, 86% of Eligible Professionals are currently demonstrating Meaningful Use. There is still time to reach our 2013 goal of 95%!

Achieving Meaningful Use directly impacts our performance on many quality programs and earns incentives for the health care system. These incentives can be used to help fund Epic implementation. Furthermore, Eligible Professionals that do not meet targets in 2013 will incur penalties in their 2015 Medicare reimbursement.

Note these MU reminders for the next calendar year:

• We will be demonstrating MU on Epic
• Most providers will enter MU Stage 2
• Some of the new Stage 2 measures are:

  1. Engaging with patients through the patient portal
  2. Reminders for patients’ preventative services
  3. Summary of care document for all transitions of care
If you are an Eligible Professional and have questions about Meaningful Use, please contact us at or visit our website,