Fire alarm system testing Sept. 7 and 8

Annual testing of the fire alarm notification and control devices will occur this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 7 and 8, in many areas of the hospital campus. The testing will occur between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.

The buildings that will be tested are APCF/Bedtower, Memorial Hospital, Infirmary, Old Clinic, Patient Support Tower, Anderson Pavilion, Cancer Hospital and Neurosciences Hospital. (Women’s and Children’s Hospitals will not be affected by the testing.)

The fire alarm notification devices (speakers and strobe lights) will be activated in each test area. The fire alarm tones and strobe lights will remain active for approximately five to ten minutes in the test area. The fire doors and other doors controlled by the fire alarm system will also be affected. Typically, three floors of the building under test will be affected during each test event. This will be done repetitively throughout the building, but every effort will be made to minimize disruptions.

If there are specific concerns in your areas, please contact the Plant Engineering Electronics Shop at 919-966-4484.

Please contact Plant Engineering Maintenance Work Control at 919-966-4484 or Plant Engineering Admin. at 919-966-5211 if you have any general questions about the testing.