Information Security Alert reminder - fraudulent email (phishing attempt)

Please read this very important message regarding a phishing email that many employees continue to receive.

The Help Desk continues to receive multiple reports of a phishing (fraudulent) email that warns recipients that “Your Mailbox has exceeded Its storage limit as Set By Your Administrator, and you will not be able to receive new emails until you Re-Validate it.”

This email includes all the tell-tale signs of a phish: it attempts to create a false sense of urgency, requests you click on a suspicious link to address the problem, is seemingly from a legitimately “looking” sender but if you look closely at the sender’s address it is not a UNCH email address, and may contain grammar and formatting errors.

DO NOT CLICK on the link.  It is an attempt to get you to give up your login ID and password.

If you received an email that meets this description please notify the Help Desk in the following manner:

  1. Create a new email message addressed to the (do not include any other email addresses).
  2. Make the subject line: Phishing Scam.
  3. Attach or drag-and-drop the phishing email to the newly created message, and send to
  4. Then delete the email from your inbox, your sent mail and your deleted items folders.

Thank you.

Colleen Ebel
Chief Information Security Officer
UNC Health Care