Follow-up from Dec. 2 incident on UNC-Chapel Hill campus

Yesterday's events on and around the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus caused a degree of anxiety within our community. In situations like these, UNC Hospitals has a robust protective process that is aimed at alerting our patients, visitors, and staff as well as providing a safe and secure environment.

When the Hospital is made aware of a situation that poses a potentially serious risk to our hospital campus, or any of our off-campus facilities, we take a series of pre-determined steps. Yesterday, these steps included:

  • Sounding an alert on the overhead speakers within UNC Hospitals, 
  • Positioning Law Enforcement personnel at key locations – including UNC Hospitals’ Police at key locations in/around UNC Hospitals, 
  • Coordinating with our community partners, and 
  • Providing informational updates as they became available on the Intranet home page. And in the near future, we will also have the ability to send text messages to staff, both on and off-campus.

When the risk is beyond the borders of the UNC campus, we work with local Public Safety agencies to ensure our impacted facilities are informed and take the appropriate actions.

Separate from our protocols, the University operates a system called Alert Carolina. This system consists of text messages, emails, and a siren system that alerts faculty, staff, and students of a variety of hazards. If you are not currently enrolled in the Alert Carolina system but would like to receive these alerts, visit this link and note the following:

  • Prior to registering for Alert Carolina notifications, you must know your UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN login or create a new one. 
  • Visit this link if you need to create an UNC-Chapel Hill ONYEN account. 
  • If you need assistance creating an ONYEN or registering to receive Alert Carolina notifications, contact the University’s Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.

While you may receive Alert Carolina messages or hear the sirens on occasion, it is important to remember that these tools are for the University. The actions of UNC Hospitals may differ at times. We encourage all employees to review UNC Medical Center’s Emergency Response Procedures (available on the lower-right corner of this Intranet page) to ensure we are prepared in an emergency situation. Following activation of the Alert Carolina system, messages will be disseminated as necessary from UNC Hospitals indicating the appropriate actions or providing additional information.

As is the case following all emergency response situations, we are actively working with our community partners to improve both our response and preparedness procedures. While yesterday's events were very stressful, they remind us of the importance of looking out for each other and highlight the important role UNC Hospitals plays in our community.

Continue to monitor the Alert Carolina website for any updates about this incident. UNC Police ask anyone with information to call the UNC Police Department at 911 or contact the Chapel Hill-Carrboro-UNC Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515.

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