Health Insurance Special Pay (HISP) error in some Dec. 2 UNC Medical Center paychecks

An error occurred that impacted the HISP for some UNC Medical Center employees in the Dec. 2, 2015. View details.

  • UNC Medical Center employees pay State Health Plan insurance premiums one month in advance. For example, the deductions in employees' December paychecks are for January 2016 coverage.
  • To receive the HISP for 2016 coverage, employees must have completed the Wellness Activities that were a part of the 2016 State Health Plan Open Enrollment process. The Wellness Activities included naming a primary care physician and completing a health assessment and tobacco use attestation. 
  • The Open Enrollment Period for the State Health Plan ended Wednesday, Nov. 18. It is taking approximately 10 business days for data about the Wellness Activities to appear in the enrollment system used by UNC Medical Center's Payroll Department to determine which employees are eligible for the HISP. 
  • Because data on the Wellness Activities is not appearing timely from the 2016 State Health Plan enrollment, HR did not have the information necessary to include a HISP for a number of employees in their Dec. 2 paycheck. 
  • HR & Payroll are aware of this issue, and once the Wellness Activity files are received and processed, they will make any necessary adjustments (refunds to employees, or payments to UNC Health Care) on the next possible paycheck (most likely the Dec. 16 paycheck).

We apologize for this error and are working with the State Health Plan to try to avoid a similar situation following future Open Enrollment periods.

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