Epic@UNC Go-Live #3 set for May 5, 2015

The next Epic@UNC Go-Live is set for May 5, 2015, at outpatient facilities for Caldwell Memorial, Johnston Health, and High Point Regional.

The Epic@UNC Steering Committee decided to Go-Live with ambulatory applications at Caldwell, Johnston and High Point first as we extend Epic@UNC to UNC Health Care’s hospitals and clinics outside of the Triangle.

Though no dates are final, the Epic@UNC team currently estimates an inpatient Go-Live at Caldwell, Johnston, and High Point in the spring of 2016. Go-Live dates are not yet set for either the ambulatory or inpatient Go-Lives at Pardee Hospital or Nash Health Care.

As we finalize the implementation plans and timelines for Go-Live #3 on May 5, 2015, we will share much more information in the near future. You can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.

Thank you to everyone on the Epic@UNC team and to colleagues at Caldwell, High Point, and Johnston Health for your support in making Epic@UNC a success!

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