Summer 2015 Plus People Awards

Congratulations to our Summer 2015 Plus People. These 16 employees were recognized among the very best at UNC Hospitals, UNC Faculty Physicians and the UNC School of Medicine.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Tony Hill
Clinical Support Technician 

Tony has developed a strong working relationship with the business office. With his resourceful problem-solving and communication skills, Tony is a great benefit to his teammates. He performs his duties with speed and expertise – he doesn’t hesitate. Because of his everlasting dedication and dependable work ethic, Tony’s department operates more efficiently each day. Thank you, Tony, for all that you do.

Plus People Summer 2015

Cindy Clark
Patient Care Coordinator 

Cindy consistently carries a positive attitude when it comes to change and has been a major contributor to the cardiac rehab program’s increased enrollment. She uses kindness, charm and a gentle sense of humor to bring out the best in others. Cindy is always willing to assist with tasks and is ready to learn new skills to support her team goals. She is a true team player who, in her own words, prefers to "lead from beside." Thank you, Cindy, for all that you do. 

Plus People Summer 2015

Anita Outlaw-Smith
Staff Development Specialist 

Anita is currently enrolled at the University of the Rockies, pursuing her Masters of Business degree at night while working during the day in Patient Account Services. Anita best demonstrates the Quality Pillar by providing guidance, expertise and a willingness to help in her areas of responsibility. She exceeds expectations of the management team by performing and completing various tasks to help teams successfully meet deadlines. Thank you, Anita, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Sonya Lester, RN
Clinical Nurse III 

Sonya is a dependable team player and takes her assigned tasks as a charge nurse, preceptor, and bedside nurse seriously. She is able to delegate tasks when needed and successfully collaborates with her peers and ancillary staff. Sonya’s strong interpersonal skills enable her to work with anyone regardless of age, gender or social background. She is conscientious, motivated, able to solve problems, seeks guidance, and is able to give feedback. Thank you, Sonya, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Judy Betterton
Domestic Violence Social Worker 

Judy goes the extra mile to help those who are experiencing abuse. She upholds the highest standard of care for patients and treats both internal and external customers with respect and honesty. Judy has a wealth of knowledge gained throughout her career in social work and willingly offers assistance to help others. Her passion for helping those in need is demonstrated every day with a high degree of professionalism. Thank you, Judy, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Linda Boyd
Health Unit Coordinator 

Linda is responsible for responding to the concerns and needs of patients. On a unit with up to 28 patients, Linda manages to accommodate all of her patients with a smile. Linda brings a level of expertise to the department that is unique, and she is frequently seen providing advice and support to patients, staff and visitors throughout the unit. She continuously keeps the staff in good spirits, and is the first person to lend a helping hand when needed. Thank you, Linda, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Ryan Burch
Facility Operations Coordinator 

Ryan demonstrated the Service Pillar through actions during an active shooter incident at the Wellness Center in January. Once notified of the armed gunman, Ryan followed appropriate emergency procedures, directed members to safe locations and notified the Cary Police Department. As a result, Ryan presented a vital opportunity for all UNC Health Care employees to review safety policies so that we can all respond as well as he did in the event of an emergency. Thank you, Ryan, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Portsia Latta 
Nursing Assistant 

Portsia shares her knowledge with her peers with the goal of promoting excellence throughout the clinic. She executes her duties with a positive and upbeat attitude. Portsia best exemplifies the Quality Pillar by consistently putting the needs of others before her own. Thank you, Portsia, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Tiandra Murchison, RN
Clinical Nurse IV 

Tiandra is dedicated to the nursing profession, as demonstrated by her activity in quality improvement efforts on 3 West and throughout the organization. As a key member of many groups, Tiandra brings operational thinking to the table and works with her team to incorporate process improvements. She serves as a reliable resource to her team as she effectively applies technical knowledge of process changes to improvement of workflow and patient care. Thank you, Tiandra, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Susan Kocurek, RN
Clinical Nurse III 

When she was new to psychiatry, Susan immediately began to seek opportunities for growth, education and quality improvement. She is the author of her department’s weekly newsletter and uses this forum to educate and encourage the staff to get involved in new initiatives. She became the Chair of our Clinical Practice Group by the end of the year and has initiated improvements that have impacted safety, quality and finance for her service line. Thank you, Susan, for all that you do.


Summer 2015 Plus People

Tina McBane
Administrative Associate 

Tina’s contribution to the Spine Center and its customers has recently helped earn it the “Top 5 Clinic” distinction. She has helped to improve access to the clinic for those in need spine services. Tina has a genuine interest in doing what is best for all patients. She often takes the time to introduce patients to their primary care provider and help enable UNC MyChart for them, and do anything else to ultimately improve patients’ experiences. Thank you, Tina, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Kathryn Gaddis
Information Systems Specialist 

Kathryn is committed to maintaining accuracy, integrity and proficiency as she adds External Providers to the Echo Credentialing Database. Kathryn frequently offers suggestions not only in her area, but across the system, many of which have been implemented, adopted and valued. Keeping the big picture in mind, she knows her work impacts a broad number of processes, from billing to patient care, and she strives to improve her processes every day. Thank you, Kathryn, for all that you do.

Summer 2015 Plus People

Lisa Apple
Project Coordinator 

Lisa anticipates her departmental needs and takes ownership in completing her work promptly. Being an exceptional team player, Lisa is always willing to accept a challenge or difficult work assignment. She truly exemplifies the Value Pillar as she continually searches for ways to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively each day. Thank you, Lisa, for all that you do.

Plus People Summer 2015

Faye Kinton
Administrative Associate

Faye performs all of her tasks diligently and dedicates her efforts to delivering the best care to patients. When physicians, staff and patients call on her, Faye provides them with accurate information and directs their questions to the appropriate person in order to find a quick solution. She exemplifies the People Pillar with her comforting, caring and sympathetic demeanor towards patients and colleagues on a daily basis. Thank you, Faye, for all that you do.


Summer 2015 Plus People

Frances Whitaker
HCS Helpdesk Support Specialist Sr. 

Frances strives to maintain a working base of knowledge and documentation for the Service Desk team. She continuously ensures that distribution of all Tip Sheets and applicable notifications are shared across ISD teams as well as with the Service Desk. Frances actively collaborates with other teams to update information in a timely manner. Thank you, Frances, for all that you do.

Not Pictured

Jennifer Smith
Quality/Organization Exc. Specialist 

Jennifer has been a vital asset in training new staff and raising the bar of expectations for the pharmacy business office. Being the only Lean Six Sigma black belt in her department, Jennifer has also led staff members through multiple express workouts, Green Belt projects and Kaizen projects. As a result, these projects have led to increased efficiency for almost all areas across the department. Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you do.

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