Diagnosis Code ‘hard stop’ removed from Inpatient Charge Capture popup

After the 2014 Epic@UNC Upgrade, a number of inpatient providers have expressed frustration with the Charge Capture popup that appears with every signed inpatient note generating a bill, and specifically with the hard stop requiring the provider to associate the charge with a diagnosis. Effective immediately, this hard stop has been removed and providers are no longer required to associate a charge with a diagnosis in the popup.

Review the updated Tip Sheet at this link.

Also, note that, to receive the correct charge list in the Charge Capture popup, a provider/resident MUST be logged in to the appropriate Department. Inpatient Providers should login to their Service [e.g. Gynecology SVC, Hospitalists, etc.] and not a nursing unit or floor. Ambulatory Providers should login to their clinic, even when doing inpatient rounds.

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