ICD-10 is coming -- have you completed your training?

Fewer than 7 months until Oct. 1 and the go-live of ICD-10 across our country’s health care system! The majority of people completed their ICD-10 training by now, so we thank you and encourage you to revisit your training as needed to reacquaint yourself.

For those that have not completed the training, we are setting a March 31, 2015, goal of ICD-10 training completion. If you haven’t completed the training, we encourage you to log in and complete it as soon as possible. See link and directions to the UNC/Rex LMS. For Caldwell, High Point, Johnston and Pardee Hospital, please log in at your sites ICD-10 training portal.

Thanks! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us here. Also visit our website for more information about ICD-10. 

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