Trott named Vice President of Managed Care

Scott Trott will assume the role of Vice President of Managed Care for the UNC Health Care System effective immediately. Read a memo from John Lewis, CFO, UNC Health Care System, for more information.

To: UNC Health Care Employees

From: John Lewis, CFO, UNC Health Care System

Date: May 21, 2015

Re: Trott named Vice President of Managed Care

I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, Scott Trott will assume the new role of Vice President of Managed Care for the UNC Health Care System.  UNC Health Care is combining the facility and professional managed care teams into an integrated department.  This combined group will report directly to me. 

Scott will be responsible for leading this combined team and representing UNC Health Care in its relationships with commercial, governmental, and employer payers, as well as additional functions associated with those relationships.  Scott has been with UNC Health Care for 18 years, most recently as VP of Payer Management and Faculty Benefits for UNC Physicians, where he led the physician enterprise in creating system wide managed care contracts with our payers that include all of our employed professionals across the system.

Steve Yeatts will remain in his role as Associate VP of Managed Care and will continue to be a vital member of this team, engaged in contracting activities and other value based and population health type initiatives.   

Scott and the other team members will continue to be closely engaged with senior leaders at each of our entities, and help inform and implement strategies related to our payer relationships across the system, as well as at regional and local levels.   

The combined team will continue to be based in Chapel Hill at the James T. Hedrick building, and they will be physically moving to shared space in the very near future.

Scott will continue his role with UNC Faculty Physicians’ supplemental benefits programs until June 30.  In FY16, that team, led by Dorrie Lassiter, will directly report to Matt Mauro, MD,  in his role as CEO of UNC Faculty Physicians.

Please join me in congratulating Scott on his new role.

John Lewis, CFO UNC Health Care System