Code Sepsis team recognizes 'Sepsis Stars'

The Code Sepsis team is very grateful to 'Sepsis Stars' that were instrumental in delivering the sepsis bundle to patients in their care. Research has proven that patient outcomes are improved when the sepsis care bundle is delivered within 60 minutes. The sepsis initiative is working to improve timely recognition of potential sepsis and implement the entire care bundle including a lactic acid, blood cultures, IV antibiotics, and IV fluids. Please see which of your colleagues are Sepsis Stars.

Code Sepsis team recognizes 'Sepsis Stars' click to enlarge Code Sepsis

The Code Sepsis team recognizes the following Sepsis Stars:


  • Ben Blomberg-Adult IP bundle implementation
  • Eli J Tiller-pediatric ED bundle implementation
  • Erin M Leidlein Hamilton- Adult ED Bundle Imp
  • Laura E Parente Pediatric IP Bundle Imp


  • Sarah Mendlovic, 6CH –calling PRRT due to sepsis
  • Samantha Gibson, ED -- rapid fluid infusion on peds sepsis patient
  • Simone Autry, 8BT -- calling the ARRT for potential sepsis
  • Melissa O. Wilkie, ED -- rapid fluid infusion on adult sepsis patient
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