Recap of the 10th Annual Multicultural Fair

If you missed this year's Multicultural Fair, check out a recap of the festivities.

Recap of the 10th Annual Multicultural Fair click to enlarge This year's winning exhibit, 'A Day of Remembrance,' created by Interpreter Services.
Recap of the 10th Annual Multicultural Fair click to enlarge Muliticultural Hands United brought together UNC Hospitals' Hand Hygiene Advisory Committee and Cordelia Carter, from Nutrition & Food Services.

The celebration in the hospital lobbies stimulated the senses on Friday, Nov. 6. The 10th Annual Multicultural Fair was in full swing. Employees, visitors and patients picked up their “passports” and started on their cultural journey. The vibrant colors of exhibits and cultural attire caught the attention of participants and encouraged them to interact with the exhibitors. The normal hustle and bustle of foot traffic in the lobbies was replaced by sounds of Parisian music in the Women’s Hospital lobby and African drums on the Children’s Hospital stage.  Lebanese, Fusion Garba, African, and Irish River dance were just a few of the first-time entertainers this year. The international Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope team returned and performed to our expectations, with lots of new stunts, flips and tricks. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee enticed participants to seek more culinary pleasures.  They were not disappointed as the cultural food samples, prepared by our Nutrition and Food Service department, included Italian sausage, Jamaican peas and rice, Greek chicken soup, Sushi, Mediterranean Tabbouleh, and German cookies. 

There were several hands-on exhibits including collaboration between the Hand Hygiene Advisory group and Cordelia Carter from Nutrition & Food Services. Fair goers were able to place their blue-painted hand print on a canvas and identify their place of birth. Once their hands were washed, a special light highlighted where they may have missed a spot or two. By the end of the day, the six-foot canvas was transformed into a “Multicultural Hands United” exhibit and people were better informed about the hospital’s important Clean In, Clean Out program. What a great partnership and learning experience!

Congratulations to Interpreter Services for winning the exhibit contest! Their exhibit, titled “A Day of Remembrance,” displayed a beautifully decorated alter, which resembled alters that are created in many Spanish cultures during ‘Dia de los Muertos’ to celebrate the lives of deceased family members. Also, congratulations to John Lakas and his colleagues for their exhibit, “Men in Nursing.” This informative exhibit won the People’s Choice award for raising awareness of the growing role of males in nursing and the influence they are having on the nursing profession. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Multicultural Fair. Thank you for your continued support of the Multicultural Fair. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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