Clean In, Clean Out featured in Healthcare Business Insights

UNC Hospitals' hand hygiene program, Clean In, Clean Out, was featured in the March 2016 issue of Healthcare Business Insights in an articled titled, "Promoting Patient Safety Through Hand Hygiene Surveillance and Peer Feedback." Please read the full article.

Here is an excerpt from Healthcare Business Insights' feature on Clean In, Clean Out, which appeared in the March 2016 issue:

By the Cost & Quality Academy

Promoting Patient Safety Through Hand Hygiene Surveillance and Peer Feedback

Infection poses a serious danger for all patients, with myriad sophisticated control and prevention efforts designed to minimize this risk. But, as clinical and non-clinical staff members are recruited to implement these various efforts, they may themselves serve as vectors of infection. While healthcare organizations may experiment with ultraviolet lighting and products with antimicrobial properties or develop extensive care bundles and stewardship programs to great effect, the simplest practices can often have immense significance in terms of patient safety.

Facing static compliance rates, UNC Hospitals of Chapel Hill, North Carolina sought to re-emphasize the simple, yet critically important, practice of hand hygiene. Through its “Clean In, Clean Out” program, UNC Hospitals has achieved steady compliance rates above its goal of 90% and fostered a broader conversation on the importance of infection prevention.

“We had a traditional program in place, but we found ourselves in a bit of a lull, as compliance improvements seemed to have stalled,” says Dr. Emily Sickbert-Bennett, Associate Director of Infection Control and Epidemiology. “To bring greater staff attentiveness and interest to hand hygiene, we decided to make a robust shift in our efforts.”

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