Corrected Issues with Adult Pneumococcal Health Maintenance

On the afternoon of April 6, updates were made to the adult pneumococcal Health Maintenance Topics, Plans, and Best Practice Advisories (BPA) in Epic@UNC. Early this morning an issue was identified with the Health Maintenance Topics not appropriately recognizing past vaccinations, which may cause Health Maintenance to indicate a patient as past due for a vaccination and BPAs may inappropriately fire. Due to this we have temporarily turned off the associated pneumococcal BPAs for today. Please read about the Health Maintenance fix to this issue.

At 12:40 p.m. on April 7 Health Maintenance was corrected, but it will not be automatically reflected in the patient chart until tomorrow. In order to see the Health Maintenance fix immediately, end users need to manually click the ‘Update HM’ button in Health Maintenance.  If you experience any issues on April 8, please submit a HEAT ticket via:

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