Clean In, Clean Out: Golden Hand Accolades for November 2016

Overall compliance results for November were 96.6% for inpatients and 97.6% for outpatient/procedural areas. See which areas performed best this month!

In November 2016, inpatient areas achieved 96.6% compliance overall with 97.2% of the inpatient units and 90.9% of the job classes meeting the goal of at least 90% complianceOutpatient/procedural areas achieved 97.6% compliance overall with 92.9% of the outpatient/procedural areas and 88.9% of the job classes meeting the goal of at least 90% complianceORs achieved 90.8% compliance overall. View overall compliance results (Intranet link).

Feedback was provided for 61.6% of all inpatient observations (highest this fiscal year), 44.4% of all outpatient/procedural observations, and 64.9% of all OR observations. Tips/scripting for providing feedback is here.

If your unit or job class is having difficulty achieving 90% compliance, this action planning tool (example paper tool inpatient, outpatient/procedural, electronic submission) is available for you to use and hand hygiene advisory members will be available to assist you in developing strategies for improvement (please request assistance by emailing

Thank you for your partnership and continued dedication to infection prevention.

Golden Hand Accolades for November are awarded to:

Clean Hand Hygiene

  • Physician/APP participants: continued appreciation to our providers who are repeat participants and steadfast in their participation:  Charles Wood (Pediatrics),  Megan Andrews (Transplant-VAD/Heart Program). Thank you for leading the way!

  • Feedback Honor Roll: 3NSH (84.3%), 4NSH (88.6%), 5CHIC (81.8%), 5WST (78.6%), 6NSH (77.3%), CICU (87.6%), TICU (78.5%), Wakebrook Inpatient (76.6%), Nutrition and Food Services Inpatient (91.3%), Nursing Staff Inpatient (76.5%), Physician/APP Inpatient (80%), Respiratory Therapists Inpatient (83.3%), BMT Clinic (81.3%), Children’s Primary Care Clinic (88.2%), HBH Observation Unit (96%), Transplant Clinic (87.3%). Wakebrook-ADU (100%), Wakebrook-CAS (97.5%), Admin/HUC Staff Outpatient (92.2%), and ASC OR (76.1%). 

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