Revised appointment cancellation reasons in Epic@UNC

As part of Carolina Value's Care Access initiative, beginning Tuesday, Feb. 2, Front Desk staff, Referral Coordinators, and Clinic Managers will see four new options in the “Cancellation Reasons” drop-down list when cancelling an appointment. The new cancellation reasons are: Lack of Transportation, Cancelled via Interface, Patient Seen Out of System, and Improper Patient Prep.

The list of Cancellation Reasons displayed in Epic@UNC’s Cadence Scheduling application were previously consolidated to reduce ambiguity and improve reporting capabilities. The four new Cancellation Reason options added on Feb. 2 are the result of feedback from users to the Operational Improvement and Workflow Implementation Team.

Details on all of the cancellation reasons available in Epic@UNC after Feb. 2 are available in a ‘Cancellation Reasons Quick Reference Guide’ (Intranet link). If you have any questions about the new cancellation reasons or need assistance with this workflow, email .

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