UNC Physicians Network Administrative Office Moving

UNC Physicians Network’s (UNCPN) administrative office will be moving Jan. 15, 2016.

The new building, located at 2000 Perimeter Park Drive in Morrisville, NC, is necessary to support the network growth. In recent years, UNCPN has expanded to include 47 primary and specialty physician practices in 13 counties throughout North Carolina. Significant growth for the network is expected to continue as we work to meet the changing health care needs of our community. 

In addition to UNC Physicians Network and UNC Physicians Network Group Practices, the new location will house administrative serves for: UNC Health Care System Heart & Vascular; UNC Outpatient Care Services (OCS) Training and Development; UNC Faculty Physicians Practice Quality & Innovation; UNC Health Alliance (Clinically Integrated Network) and Population Value Care; UNC Physician Recruitment; UNC Personal Health Advocates; UNC Population Health and Clinical Services; and UNC Practice Quality and Innovation. If you have questions or would like additional information regarding UNCPN’s move, please contact Kathleen Traveis, Business Manager, at Kathleen.Traveis@unchealth.unc.edu or 919-804-5064.