Gift of CuddleCots to N.C. Women's Hospital featured on WTVD

Last month we featured Debbi Clarke and her experiences losing her infant son, Eason, who was delivered stillborn in 2013. To honor Eason and thank N.C. Women's Hospital for the compassionate care they received, Debbi and her husband donated two CuddleCots to the hospital this fall. Last week the Clarkes and their gift were featured on WTVD. Read and view features on WTVD.

Gift of CuddleCots to N.C. Women's Hospital featured on WTVD click to enlarge Debbi Clarke donated two CuddleCots to N.C. Women's Hospital in honor of her son Eason.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) --"It's something you can't plan for and it's something you never expect, there's no script..."

That's how Debbi Clarke begins to explain the traumatic loss of her third child, Eason, who was delivered stillborn.

"My pregnancy had been completely normal. I was almost to 37 weeks and for a day or so just didn't feel him moving so much," she recalls.

Debbi went to her doctor to check it out only to learn the worst, that her baby was already gone. Doctors explained that she had a rare condition in her placenta called "perivillous fibrin deposition" which meant a thick band of fibrin was deposited along the maternal floor of her placenta, obstructing blood flow to the baby. Doctors don't know why this happens, and there's no treatment. And in Debbi's case, there hadn't been any warning signs.

Read and view the full story on WTVD and read our piece on Debbi Clarke and her experiences.