Celebrating Father’s Day in support of N.C. Children’s Hospital

The annual Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp was held recently at the Dean E. Smith Center. The camp offers an opportunity for fathers and their children to spend two days of quality time together while supporting the N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Celebrating Father’s Day in support of N.C. Children’s Hospital click to enlarge Eric Montross and a camper. Photo by Morgan Van Den Eynde.

All of the proceeds from the camp go directly to the hospital, and over $1 million has been raised by the camp to date.

The idea for the camp came to Montross when, during his time as a student-athlete at UNC, he befriended Jason Clark, a Children's Hospital patient who was battling cancer.

"I really found an incredible impact that these kids at the hospital were having on my life and I felt like it was an opportunity to do something reciprocal for them," said Montross. "…Jason gave me a list of ways that the hospital could be improved through a child’s eye and we’ve tried to adopt that and go beyond that in the 22 years since we’ve started."

Montross added that “this camp has always been in [Jason's] honor.”

Montross chose to Father’s Day weekend for the camp because he saw it as an opportunity for fathers and children to spend uninterrupted time together and to build bonds, all while benefiting the Children’s Hospital. He added that “the biggest thing and the reason why this camp is so successful is because we’ve got great folks at the hospital….We love what the hospital represents and the opportunity that’s represented there and I think this is a small piece of what we can do.”

David Berkoff, MD, a professor in the Department of Orthopedics, brought both of his sons to the camp this past weekend. Dr. Berkoff said that the two things he gets out of the camp are knowing that the Children’s Hospital is benefiting and that it is one of the few days in the year where they don’t have their phones and he has a whole day with his boys.

“We really believe in what Eric’s done,” Berkoff said.

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