Removal of ‘Pneumococcal, Unspecified Formulation’ historical immunization March 24

In keeping with updated pneumococcal vaccine recommendations from the CDC, UNC Health Care's Population Health team and ISD are preparing updated adult Pneumococcal Vaccine Health Maintenance Topics in Epic@UNC for April 2016. The new recommendations require us to remove the Historical Immunization “Pneumococcal, Unspecified Formulation” from Epic@UNC on March 24.

  • View the updated pneumococcal vaccine recommendations from the CDC
  • The immunization series rules for the updated Health Maintenance Topics (age 65+, and age 19-64 high risk) require that the type of Pneumococcal Vaccine be specified, so “Pneumococcal, Unspecified Formulation” will not be recognized by the immunization rules.
  • For patients receiving pneumococcal vaccine elsewhere, “Pneumococcal Conjugate 13” (for Prevnar) or “Pneumococcal Polysaccharide 23” (for Pneumovax) should be selected in Historical Administration. If the patient is unsure which vaccine they received, it is best to attempt to confirm. When in doubt, re-vaccinate.